The genus Alvania (Gastropoda: Rissoidae) along the Turkish Aegean coast with the description of a new species
Banu Bitlis, Bilal Öztürk

This study deals with the distribution of the species of the genus Alvania along the Turkish Aegean coast. The investigated material was collected from different habitats (soft and hard bottoms, and macrophyte beds) at a depth range of 0-875 m, at 39 stations along the Aegean coast of Turkey between 1995 and 2014. Among the analysed benthic material, 537 living specimens and 249 empty shells belonging to 20 species of the genus Alvania were obtained. Alvania marmarisensis is described as a new species. Alvania hispidula was recorded for the first time from the Turkish Aegean coast. Alvania mamillata was found to be the most widely distributed species in the study area, while Alvania colossophilus was the rarest one. Alvania cimicoides and Alvania testae were found in the deepest samples (between 93 and 875 m). Certain taxonomic and ecological characteristics of the identified species, along with photographs, are also provided.

Keywords: Aegean Sea; Turkey; Mollusca; Alvania; ecology; distribution.
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