Size structure and sex composition of Eurypodius latreillii Guérin, 1828 (Brachyura) and Pagurus comptus White, 1847 (Anomura) in southern Chile
R. Soto, E. Quiroga, M. Vargas and N. Navarrete

The decapod crustaceans Eurypodius latreillii (Brachyura) and Pagurus comptus (Paguridae) were the most frequently occurring species in Agassiz trawl (AGT) samples obtained during the Chilean - German - Italian "Victor Hensen" Expedition in the Straits of Magellan and south of the Beagle Channel. Sex composition and length structure aspects were studied using the material from 15 stations in the two areas, which comprised 773 specimens of E. latreillii and 647 P. comptus. The size frequency of both species was characterized by the presence of small individuals in shallow waters. The sex composition varied with depth, indicating a dominance of E. latreillii females in deep waters, whereas no such pattern was observed in P. comptus. These differences may be caused by epizoites of E. latreillii and the availability of vacant gastropod shells for P. comptus, in addition to geographical aspects and life-cycle patterns of these species.

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