Four new species of Pycnophyes (Kinorhyncha: Homalorhagida) from Korea and the East China Sea
Nuria Sánchez, Hyun Soo Rho, Won-Gi Min, Dongsung Kim and Martin Vinther Sørensen

Four new species of Pycnophyes are described from Korean waters and the East China Sea. Pycnophyes pardosi n. sp. is distinguished from other congeners by the presence of a single paradorsal seta on segments 2-8 and a pair on segment 9, combined with the presence of longitudinal cuticular thickenings on the dorsal and ventral sides of segment 10. Pycnophyes chalgap n. sp. is easily distinguished by the shape of its midsternal plate with the rounded posterior margin, extending beyond and overlapping half of the following segment. Pycnophyes cristatus n. sp. is recognized by its lack of ventromedial setae on segments 3-6 combined with the presence of pointed middorsal processes that turn progressively longer towards the posterior segments from segment 6. The process on segment 10 is conspicuously long, extending beyond the posterior margin of segment 11. Pycnophyes smaug n. sp. is distinguished by its general scarcity of setae which, with the exception of those in lateroventral positions, only appear in laterodorsal positions on segments 2 and 9 and in ventromedial position on segment 9. The description of four additional species brings the total number of valid kinorhynch species around the Korean Peninsula up to 26.

Keywords: biodiversity, meiofauna, Pycnophyidae, morphology, taxonomy, Korean Peninsula
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