A new species of Pagurus (Crustacea: Decapoda: Paguridae), new records and a redescription of hermit crabs from the Mexican Pacific
Manuel Ayón-Parente and Michel E. Hendrickx

New records are provided for three species of little-known pagurids. All the material reported was collected by the R/V “El Puma” in the central Gulf of California during the GUAYTEC II cruise. New material is reported for Iridopagurus haigae García-Gómez, 1983, Enallopagurus spinicarpus (Glassell, 1937), and Solenopagurus diomedeae (Faxon, 1893), and these two latter species are redescribed. A new species of hermit crab of the genus Pagurus Fabricius, 1775, is described and illustrated in detail. Among the eastern Pacific species of Pagurus, this new species resembles Pagurus meloi Lemaitre and Cruz Castaño, 2004, P. imarpe Haig, 1974 and P. delsolari Haig, 1974, but differs from these three species in the armature and setation of the chelipeds and second and third pereopods, the shape and armature of the telson, and the number of rows of scales on pereopodal rasp and the presence of a preungual process.

Keywords: hermit crabs, Paguridae, new species and records, Gulf of California.
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