Dactylamblyops corberai n. sp., a new mysid (Crustacea: Mysida) from the deep Mediterranean Sea
Carlos San Vicente and Joan E. Cartes

A new Erythropinae mysid, Dactylamblyops corberai n. sp., is described from specimens sampled with a 500-µm plankton net attached to a bottom trawl in the Ionian Sea (eastern Mediterranean). This new species is the first Dactylamblyops species described from the Mediterranean Sea. Based on a revision of additional material from several cruises made in recent years, we conclude that D. corberai is a widespread species in the deep Mediterranean near-bottom suprabenthic community at depths between 398 and 1859 m. The main distinguishing features of D. corberai are the shape of the eyes and their ocular process, and the shape of the labrum with two rows of clusters of short setules and two areas covered with small, scale-like protrusions not described in any other species of the genus. D. corberai belongs to the morphological hodgsoni group of Dactylamblyops species.

Keywords: Mysida, Mysidae, endemism, Mediterranean Sea, deep sea
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