Revision of Hermodice Kinberg, 1857 (Polychaeta: Amphinomidae)
Beatriz Yáñez-Rivera and Sergio I. Salazar-Vallejo

The genus Hermodice Kinberg, 1857 was established with the species Aphrodita carunculata Pallas, 1766, based on the shape and development of the caruncle. Several species were later described within the genus; however, it is currently regarded as monotypical, with H. carunculata as a widespread species. An evaluation of available type and non-type specimens together with observations of living specimens has allowed the diagnostic features to be refined, and two new features have been included: the number of branchial filaments and the anal lobe. Consequently, in this study we have been able to confirm the differences between Hermodice and Pherecardia Horst, 1886. The type species, H. carunculata, has been redescribed, and H. nigrolineata Baird, 1870 has been re-established. Further, H. formosa (Quatrefages, 1866) has been transferred to Pherecardia, together with H. pennata Treadwell, 1906 and H. distincta Hoagland, 1920.

Keywords: caruncle, fireworms, morphological variability, taxonomy, Grand Caribbean, eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea
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