Fecundity of the squid Loligo vulgaris, Lamarck, 1798 (Myopsida, Loliginidae) off northwest Africa
V. Laptikhovsky

Egg dimensions were 2.0-2.2 x 1.5-1.6 mm. Potential fecundity (all oocyte stock) of mature female L. vulgaris was estimated as 28,500-74,200 oocytes, including 3,500-30,500 yolk oocytes, 1,300-8,000 of those were ripe eggs in the oviduct. Relative fecundity was 114-251 (mean 211.3, SD=48.7), the index of Potential Reproductive Investment was 0.29-0.71 (mean 0.566, SD=0.151). Ovary maturation was similar to that observed in other loliginid squid, when small protoplasmic oocytes predominate throughout the life cycle.

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