First record of Superornatiremidae (Copepoda: Harpacticoida) from Mediterranean waters, with description of three new species from Balearic anchihaline caves
D. Jaume

Three new representatives of the harpacticoid family Superornatiremidae are described from the flooded coastal karst of the Balearic Islands. The monotypic genera Superornatiremis and Intercrusia, restricted thus far to Bermudian anchihaline caves, are represented each by an isolated vicariant in similar environments on Mallorca, viz.: S. mendai and I. garciai. The amphi-Atlantic pattern displayed by Neoechinophora, with 3 species known from Bermudian caves and another one in a sea-flooded lava tube in Lanzarote (Canary Islands), is expanded to include also the Mediterranean region upon the discovery of N. xoni in Mallorca. The distribution range of the family now fits the amphi-Atlantic/Mediterranean track displayed by many stygobiont malacostracans, generally interpreted as Tethyan in origin. The trilobate condition of the proximal syncoxal endite of the maxilla of Intercrusia is confirmed.

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