On a new hydropolyp without tentacles, Microhydrula limopsicola n. sp., epibiotic on bivalve shells from the Antarctic
Gerhard Jarms, Henry Tiemann

A newly discovered athecate hydroid, Microhydrula limopsicola n. sp., is described from King George Island, South Shetland Islands, Southern Ocean. The hydroid lives in symbiotic association with the lamellibranch bivalve Limopsis hirtella which burrows in the sediment. Its position within the family Microhydrulidae is considered. The symbiosis is considered to be obligatory and the choice of the host is considered to be specific. Morphological adaptations within the order Limnomedusae depending on the ecology of species are discussed.

Keywords: Hydrozoa, Cnidaria, Microhydrula, morphology, symbiosis, Antarctic.
Contents of this volume Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 109-115 Back PDF
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