Seasonal changes in the vertical distribution of five species of the family Bougainvilliidae (Cnidaria: Anthomedusae) at Lough Hyne, south-west Ireland
Lynn Ballard, Alan Myers

Five species of the family Bougainvilliidae were studied quantitatively over a 22 month period in Lough Hyne marine nature reserve, south-west Ireland. The effect of a seasonal oxy-thermocline on their vertical distribution was also examined. The maximum density of each species occurred between May and September. Bougainvillia britannica (15 m-3) and B. principis (13 m-3) occupied the lower 20 m of the water column whereas B. ramosa (41 m-3), B. pyramidata (5 m-3) and Lizzia blondina (358 m-3) existed predominantly in the upper 20 m. The vertical distribution patterns of B. britannica and B. principis were altered by the oxy-thermocline at 25-30 m depth in the summer months of 1993.

Keywords: Bougainvilliidae, medusae, seasonal occurrence, density, vertical distribution, oxy-thermocline, Lough Hyne, fjord.
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