Is Lensia reticulata a diphyine species (Siphonophorae, Calycophora, Diphyidae)? A re-description
P.R. Pugh, F. Pagès

Numerous eudoxid bracts of the calycophoran siphonophore species Lensia reticulata have been found in samples from recent German oceanographic expeditions and Discovery collections. In addition, many eudoxid gonophores and posterior nectophores, that also can be ascribed to this species, have been found in association with this material, as well as the well known anterior nectophores. With the exception of the anterior nectophores, the latter material differs markedly from that which has been previously ascribed to this species. The asexual and sexual stages, thus, are re-described. The unusual internal structure of the eudoxid bracts previously has not been described and, as it does not conform with the usual pattern for the bracts of diphyine siphonophores (Family Diphyidae), it raises questions as to the taxonomic position of this species. The five-ridged eudoxid gonophore also is unusual. It is concluded that it is necessary to remove the species reticulata to a new genus Gilia gen. nov., that is tentatively placed within a new sub-family of the family Diphyidae, the Giliinae.

Keywords: Siphonophorae, taxonomy.
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