Development and occurrence of larvae of the goby, Gobiosoma parri (Ginsburg) (Gobiidae), in the estuary of the Río de la Plata, Argentina
Eduardo M. Acha

The larval development of the goby, Gobiosoma parri, is described and illustrated from material collected in the Rio de la Plata estuary, Argentina. Larvae of G. parri examined (3.95-14.39 mm BL) are characterized by a slender and lightly pigmented body; a gut that extends beyond the midpoint of the body; a conspicuous gas bladder with pigment on the dorsal surface; 11 preanal myomeres and 16 postanal myomeres. Notochord flexion occurs between 4.64 and 5.52 mm BL. The distribution and abundance of G. parri larvae in Argentinian and Uruguayan waters are reported. Comparisons with other species of the genus Gobiosoma are also presented.

Keywords: Gobiosoma parri, larval development, larval occurrence, Argentina.
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