Hydrological structure, optical characteristics and size distribution of pigments and particles at a frontal station in the Alboran Sea Working Group 1 Report
Valeriano Rodríguez, B. Bautista, J.M. Blanco, F.L. Figueroa, N. Cano, J. Ruiz

We describe the physical structure, optical characteristics and size distribution of pigments and total particles of the water column at an oceanographic station off Malaga (NW Alboran Sea). This station is located at a front system between the continental shelf and the continental slope, and is affected by the Atlantic water jet. These two factors lead to short-term variability in the type of water in the upper layer (50m). Within few days, there is a replacement of Mediterranean waters by Atlantic waters as shown by: 1) changes in the surface thermo-halyne structure, 2) increase of chlorophyll concentration, mostly in the larger fraction (>l0 mm), related to a modification in the particle size-distribution with an increase of larger particles, and 3) increase in the attenuation coefficient of the downward and upward irradiance, mainly in the red and blue wavelength regions, as a result of the absorbance and reflectance of those particles.

Keywords: Hydrology, T-S curves, irradiance spectra, fluorescence, pigments, particles, Alboran Sea.
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