Redescriptions of some rare sponge species in the western Mediterranean
M.J. Uriz, M. Maldonado

Five poorly known sponge species from the southwestern Mediterranean are described and their taxonomic status discussed. The species Raspailia agnata and Axinella egregia are recorded for the first time outside the Atlantic. The skeletal arrangement of R. agnata, currently considered an Axinella, justifies placing it in the genus Raspailia alongside other species without acanthostyles (subgenus Syringella). The spicule complement of the Mediterranean specimens of R. agnara perfectly matches that of the type and thus differs from the remaining Atlantic specimens lacking oxeas. Two species of dubious validity (A. salicina and I. pipeta), only known at present by the type, have also been recognized in specimens from Alboran Island. I. pipetta, considered by some authors to be a form of I. variabilis, is presented here as a valid species. not because of its habit but because of its skeletal features. The species Antho oxeiferu, also known by a unique specimen, is redescribed on the basis of a second specimen found in the Columbretes Archipelago. The reliability of the spicule categories described in the holotype and, consequently, the validity of this last species, is confirmed after examination of this second specimen. In view of its skeletal arrangement, Antho is considered to be a more appropriate genus than Clathria in which to place the species originally named C. oxeifera .

Key words: Demospongiae. Raspailia, Axinella, Antho, Ircinia, systematics, southwestern Mediterranean.

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