Estimation of coefficients for the calculation of "NO", "PO" and "CO", starting from the elemental composition of natural phytoplankton
Aida F. Ríos, Fernando Fraga and Fiz F. Pérez

The chemical equation for the oxidation of the organic matter [C129H234O70N17P] + 175 O2 + 148 CO3= + 22 H2O: 277 CO3H- + 17 NO3- + PO4H= is established, starting from the elemental composition of phytoplankton. This equation allows calculation of the coefficients for the parameters “NO”, “PO” and “CO”. These coefficients are respectively 10.3, 175 and 1.36. Corrections of the equations for the calculation of “NO”, “PO” and “CO” have been added so that they may also be used in waters when nitrite and ammonia concentrations and precipitation or resolution of calcium carbonate are high. The Redfield ratio DP:DN:DC:-DO2 = 1:17:129:175 is also obtained starting from the same data.

Keywords:NO”, “PO”, “CO”, stoichiometry, Redfield ratio.
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