Efectos de la salinidad y la dieta sobre el desarrollo larvario de Sesarma ricordi (Milne Edwards, 1853) (Decapoda, Grapsidae)
Zoraya Álvarez, Joseph Ewald

EFFECTS OF SALINITY AND DIET ON THE LARVAL DEVELOPMENT OF Sesarma ricordi (MILNE EDWARDS, 1853) (DECAPODA: GRAPSIDAE).- Larvae of all stages of Sesarma ricordi were cultured in different combinations of salinity and diet. Salinities between 0-35 were combined with diets of Artemia sp., the rotifer Brachionus plicatilis and the alga Isochrysis sp. (Tahitian strain). Larvae were also exposed to starvation (Control). Mortality, molt times and duration of larval stages were observed. Results indicate that the larvae of Sesarma ricordi complete their larval development in salinities from 15 to 35 when fed on Artemia. Lower salinities resulted in death before larval development was completed. Larvae fed Brachionus did not progress beyond the second stage. Those fed Isochrysis sp. as well as those in the control group, survived six days and did not develop beyond the first zoeal stage. The above results indicate that combinations of salinity and diet affect survival and larval development of Sesarma ricordi.

Keywords: 8.5pt'>diet, salinity, larval development, Sesarma.
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