Distribución y maduración sexual del calamar argentino, Illex argentinus (Castellanos, 1960) (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae), en el sur de Brasil
Manuel Haimovici and J.A. Alvarez-Perez

DISTRIBUTION AND SEXUAL MATURATION OF THE ARGENTINIANS QUID, Illex argentinus OFF SOUTHERN BRAZIL. - Catches of the argentinian squid Illex argentinus were sampled in four seasonal demersal fish assessment surveys on the outer shelf and slope of Rio Grande do Sul from Santa Marta Grande Cape (28º40’ S) to Chui lighthouse (34º30’ S) and at depths ranging from 124 to 587 m in July and September 1986 and March and May 1987. A total of 1249 squids from 4 to 34 cm mantle length was caught in 50 of the 66 effective trawls with a 28 m headrope net with steel bobbins on the groundrope. Squid catches were poor with a maximum of 7.36 kg/h and 5% of total catches in spring and less than 1.26 kg/h and 1.2% on the rest of the cruises. Young squids under 10 cm ML were found on all cruises in depths less than 350 m and at 13ºC to 17ºC bottom temperatures. Subadults and mature squids were fished at depths greater than 350 m and bottom temperature of 4ºC to 12ºC. Mature specimens found in winter and spring were bigger than those in summer and autumn. In southern Brazil, spawning seems to take place at different times of the year with a peak in winter and early spring.

Keywords: Argentinian squid, assessment, reproductive cycle, distribution, Brazil
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