The importance of intraespecific variation in the taxonomy of marine nematodes: The case of Terschellingia longispiculata Wieser and Hopper 1967 (Nematoda: Linhomoeidae)
Cruz Palacín

In the presentstudy, the priority of taxonomic characters of cephalic region of Terschellingialongispiculata over those of the tail and reproductive system is discussed.Four morphological varieties of the species are established based on variationsof the tail and reproductive system. The problem of considering only changes inthe posterior region for determination of some species is posed. From this,studies on important populations must be done for the establishment of newspecies based on one of these characters, but taken together with characters inother regions such as the cephalic.

Keywords: Marine, Nematodes, Taxonomy, Intraespecific, Variability.
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