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Photosynthetic activity of macroalgae along a bathymetric gradient: interspecific and seasonal variability

Natàlia Sant and Enric Ballesteros - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(1): 7-16 Abstract PDF
Habitat structure and zonation patterns of northwestern Mediterranean shoreline strands
Simone Mariani, Susana Pinedo, Marc Terradas, Maria Elena Cefalì, Eglantine Chappuis and Enric Ballesteros

Supplementary Material

- 2017
Sci. Mar. 81(2): 269-282 Abstract PDF
Cost-benefit of three different methods for studying Mediterranean rocky benthic assemblages
Natàlia Sant, Eglantine Chappuis, Conxi Rodríguez-Prieto, Montserrat Real and Enric Ballesteros

Supplementary Material

- 2017
Sci. Mar. 81(1): 129-138 Abstract PDF
Seasonal dynamics and annual production of Cystoseira crinita (Fucales: Ochrophyta)-dominated assemblages from the northwestern Mediterranean
Marta Sales and Enric Ballesteros - 2012
Sci. Mar. 76(2): 391-401 Abstract PDF
Structure and dynamics of the community of Rissoella verruculosa (Bertoloni) J. Agardh (Gigartinales, Rhodophyceae) in the northwestern Mediterranean
Enric Ballesteros - 1991
Sci. Mar. 55(2): 439-451 Abstract PDF
Structure and dynamics of the Cystoseira caespitosa Sauvageau (Fucales, Phaeophyceae) community in the North-Western Mediterranean
Enric Ballesteros - 1990
Sci. Mar. 54(2): 155-168 Abstract PDF
Production of seaweeds in Northwestern Mediterranean marine communities: Its relation with environmental factors
Enric Ballesteros - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(2-3): 357-364 Abstract PDF
Surface-dependent strategies and energy flux in benthic marine communities or, why corals do not exist in the Mediterranean
Mikel Zabala and Enric Ballesteros - 1989
Sci. Mar. 53(1): 3-17 Abstract PDF
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