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Molecular phylogeny and divergence time estimates in pennatulaceans (Cnidaria: Octocorallia: Pennatulacea)

Francisco J. García-Cárdenas, Mónica Núñez-Flores and Pablo J. López-González

Supplementary material

- 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(4): 317-330 Abstract PDF
Importance of recreational shore angling in the archipelago of Madeira, Portugal (northeast Atlantic)
Roi Martínez-Escauriaza, Margarida Hermida, Sebastián Villasante, Lídia Gouveia, Nuno Gouveia and Pablo Pita

Supplementary material

- 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(4): 331-341 Abstract PDF
Evaluation of staining techniques for the observation of growth bands in tropical elasmobranch vertebrae
José G. Pérez-Rojas, Katherine Torres-Palacios, Amalia Uribe, Andrés F. Navia and Paola A. Mejía-Falla

Supplementary material

- 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(4): 343-354 Abstract PDF
Differentiating morpho-functional patterns of the five most common deep-sea benthic anglerfishes (Lophiiformes) from Andaman and Nicobar Islands (eastern Indian Ocean)
Meleppura Rajeeshkumar, Kannamkulathil Vijayan Aneesh Kumar, José Luís Otero-Ferrer, Antoni Lombarte, Manjebrayakath Hashim, Narayanane Saravanane, Veloorkirakathil Narayanan Sanjeevan, Mallavarapu Venkata Ramana Murthy and Víctor Manuel Tuset - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(4): 369-384 Abstract PDF
New species of Eirenidae (Hydrozoa: Leptothecata) from the Amazonian coast (northern Brazil)
Everton Giachini Tosetto, Sigrid Neumann-Leitão and Miodeli Nogueira Júnior - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(4): 421-430 Abstract PDF
The benthos: the ocean’s last boundary?
Josep-Maria Gili, Begoña Vendrell-Simón, Wolf Arntz, Francesc Sabater and Joandomènec Ros - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(4): 463-475 Abstract PDF

Ostreopsis cf. ovata and Ostreopsis lenticularis (Dinophyceae: Gonyaulacales) in the Galapagos Marine Reserve

Olga Carnicer, Yuri B. Okolodkov, María Garcia-Altares, Inti Keith, Karl B. Andree, Jorge Diogène and Margarita Fernández-Tejedor - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(3): 199-213 Abstract PDF
New records of seaweeds and filamentous cyanobacteria from Trindade Island: an updated checklist to support conservation guidelines and monitoring of environmental changes in the southern Atlantic archipelagos
Franciane Pellizzari, Vanessa Sayuri Osaki and Michelle C. Santos-Silva

Supplementary material

- 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(3): 227-242 Abstract PDF
Presettlement schooling behaviour of a rocky fish in a shallow area. Is it related to local environmental conditions?
Pamela Palacios-Fuentes, Macarena Díaz-Astudillo, María Antonia Reculé, F. Patricio Ojeda and Mauricio F. Landaeta - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(3): 243-252 Abstract PDF
Predictive models of the preferential distribution of demersal fish larvae in the southern part of the California Current
Maria Teresa Peiro-Alcantar, René Funes-Rodríguez, Reginaldo Durazo, Raúl O. Martínez-Rincón, Rogelio González-Armas and Sergio Hernández Trujillo - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(3): 253-261 Abstract PDF
Coexistence of the reef-building coral Cladocora caespitosa and the canopy-forming alga Treptacantha ballesterosii: Description of a new Mediterranean habitat
Alèssia Pons-Fita, Jana Verdura, Jorge Santamaría, Diego K. Kersting and Enric Ballesteros - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(3): 263-271 Abstract PDF
Molluscs from benthic habitats of the Gazul mud volcano (Gulf of Cádiz)
Olga Utrilla, Serge Gofas, Javier Urra, Pablo Marina, Ángel Mateo-Ramírez, Nieves López-González, Emilio González-García, Carmen Salas and José Luis Rueda - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(3): 273-295 Abstract PDF

Widespread demographic explosion of a non-indigenous hydrozoan on an oceanic island
Fernando Espino, Francisco J. Otero-Ferrer, Néstor E. Bosch, Josep Coca, Ricardo Haroun and Fernando Tuya - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(2): 111-118 Abstract PDF
Feeding habits and population aspects of the spotted goatfish, Pseudupeneus maculatus (Perciformes: Mullidae), on the continental shelf of northeast Brazil
Andrey Soares, Alex Souza Lira, Júlio Guazzelli Gonzalez, Leandro Nolé Eduardo, Flávia Lucena-Frédou, François Le Loc’h, Beatrice Padovani Ferreira and Thierry Frédou - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(2): 119-131 Abstract PDF
Potential biomass and distribution of octopus in the eastern part of the Campeche Bank (Yucatán, Mexico)
Otilio Avendaño, Alvaro Hernández-Flores, Iván Velázquez-Abunader, Carlos Fernández-Jardón, Alfonso Cuevas-Jimenez and Ángel Guerra - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(2): 133-142 Abstract PDF
Size overlap in intertidal decapod communities along the chilean coast
Patricio De los Ríos-Escalante, Guillermo Figueroa-Muñoz, Marco A. Retamal, Rolando Vega-Aguayo and Carlos Esse - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(2): 151-154 Abstract PDF
The ecological condition of vermetid platforms affects the cover of the alien seaweed Caulerpa cylindracea
Marc Terradas-Fernández, Miguel Valverde-Urrea, Nuria Casado-Coy and Carlos Sanz-Lazaro - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(2): 181-191 Abstract PDF
Fourier-based contour descriptors to relax positional standardization of the otolith images in AFORO queries
Pere Marti-Puig, Amalia Manjabacas and Antoni Lombarte - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(1): 27-37 Abstract PDF
Following the Phoenician example: western Mediterranean colonization by Spirobranchus cf. tetraceros (Annelida: Serpulidae)
Ferran Palero, Hector Torrado, Orly Perry, Elena Kupriyanova, Aylin Ulman, Rebeca Genis-Armero, Harry A. ten Hove and Romana Capaccioni-Azzati - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(1): 83-92 Abstract PDF
Seabed litter distribution in the high seas of the Flemish Pass area (NW Atlantic)
Ana García-Alegre, Esther Román-Marcote, Jesús Gago, Gonzalo González-Nuevo, Mar Sacau and Pablo Durán Muñoz - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(1): 93-101 Abstract PDF

Fishing effort alternatives for the management of demersal fisheries in the western Mediterranean

Paloma Martín, Francesc Maynou, Mariona Garriga-Panisello, John Ramírez and Laura Recasens - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(4): 293-304 Abstract PDF
Differential reproductive investment in females of Lithodes santolla (Decapoda: Anomura) from different regions of southern South America
Natalia Díaz-Arce, Pablo Di Salvatore, María F. Gowland-Sainz and Gustavo A. Lovrich - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(4): 327-336 Abstract PDF
Feeding preferences of amphipod crustaceans Ampithoe ramondi and Gammarella fucicola for Posidonia oceanica seeds and leaves
Inés Castejón-Silvo, Damià Jaume and Jorge Terrados - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(4): 349-356 Abstract PDF

Effects of environmental variability on abundance of commercial marine species in the northern Gulf of California

T. Mónica Ruiz-Barreiro, Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez, Arturo González-Baheza and Juan C. Hernández-Padilla - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(3): 195-205 Abstract PDF
Resurrection of the sea pen genus Ptilella Gray, 1870 and description of Ptilella grayi n. sp. from the NE Atlantic (Octocorallia: Pennatulacea)
Francisco J. García-Cárdenas, Jim Drewery and Pablo J. López-González

Supplementary material

- 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(3): 261-276 Abstract PDF

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