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Atlantiphoxus wajapi n. gen., n. sp. (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Phoxocephalidae), a new deep-sea amphipod from the southwestern Atlantic
Luiz F. Andrade and André R. Senna - 2017
: 97-97 Abstract PDF
Oxidative stress biomarkers in the gills of the bivalve Mactra stultorum exposed to acrylamide
Wafa Trabelsi, Chaima Fouzai, Imene Chetoui, Safa Bejaoui, Khaoula Telahigue, Imen Rabeh, Mhamed El Cafsi and Nejla Soudani - 2017
: 98-98 Abstract PDF
Widespread demographic explosion of a non-indigenous hydrozoan on an oceanic island
Fernando Espino, Francisco J. Otero-Ferrer, Néstor E. Bosch, Josep Coca, Ricardo Haroun and Fernando Tuya - 2017
: 99-99 Abstract PDF

Photosynthetic activity of macroalgae along a bathymetric gradient: interspecific and seasonal variability

Natàlia Sant and Enric Ballesteros - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(1): 7-16 Abstract PDF
A multivariate statistical analysis to determine catch intention in the pink cusk-eel (Genypterus blacodes) longline fishery in southern Chile
Rodrigo Wiff, Guillermo Martin Gonzalez, Francisco Contreras, Marcelo A. San Martín and T. Mariella Canales - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(1): 17-26 Abstract PDF
Fourier-based contour descriptors to relax positional standardization of the otolith images in AFORO queries
Pere Marti-Puig, Amalia Manjabacas and Antoni Lombarte - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(1): 27-37 Abstract PDF
Release efficiency and selectivity of four different square mesh panel configurations in the Basque mixed bottom trawl fishery
Elsa Cuende, Luis Arregi, Bent Herrmann, Manu Sistiaga and Mikel Basterretxea - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(1): 39-47 Abstract PDF
A quantitative assessment of the diel influence on the cryptobenthic fish assemblage of the shallow Mediterranean infralittoral zone
Igor Glavičić, Marcelo Kovačić, Alen Soldo and Ulrich Schliewen - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(1): 49-57 Abstract PDF
Physiological performance by growth rate, pigment and protein content of the brown seaweed Sargassum filipendula (Ochrophyta: Fucales) induced by moderate UV radiation exposure in the laboratory
Luz K. Polo and Fungyi Chow - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(1): 59-70 Abstract PDF
Decapod crustacean larval community structure of the submarine canyon off Blanes (NW Mediterranean Sea)
Marta Carreton, Joan B. Company, Alexandra Boné, Guiomar Rotllant, Guillermo Guerao, Nixon Bahamon, María Inés Roldán and Antonina dos Santos - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(1): 71-82 Abstract PDF
Following the Phoenician example: western Mediterranean colonization by Spirobranchus cf. tetraceros (Annelida: Serpulidae)
Ferran Palero, Hector Torrado, Orly Perry, Elena Kupriyanova, Aylin Ulman, Rebeca Genis-Armero, Harry A. ten Hove and Romana Capaccioni-Azzati - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(1): 83-92 Abstract PDF
Seabed litter distribution in the high seas of the Flemish Pass area (NW Atlantic)
Ana García-Alegre, Esther Román-Marcote, Jesús Gago, Gonzalo González-Nuevo, Mar Sacau and Pablo Durán Muñoz - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(1): 93-101 Abstract PDF
Manuel Varela Rodríguez (Malpica, 1954 – Caión, 2019)
Ricardo Prego, Antonio Bode and Roberto Bao - 2020
Sci. Mar. 84(1): 103-104 Abstract PDF

Fishing effort alternatives for the management of demersal fisheries in the western Mediterranean

Paloma Martín, Francesc Maynou, Mariona Garriga-Panisello, John Ramírez and Laura Recasens - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(4): 293-304 Abstract PDF
Application of the Gómez-Muñoz model to estimate catch and effort in the artisanal fishery for the squid Loligo vulgaris (Mollusca: Cephalopoda) in the Ría de Vigo (NW Spain)
Natalia Comesaña and Ángel Guerra - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(4): 305-316 Abstract PDF
Otolith elemental composition reveals separate spawning areas of anchoveta, Engraulis ringens, off central Chile and northern Patagonia
María José Cuevas, Konrad Górski, Leonardo R. Castro, Aurélien Vivancos and Malcolm Reid - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(4): 317-326 Abstract PDF
Differential reproductive investment in females of Lithodes santolla (Decapoda: Anomura) from different regions of southern South America
Natalia Díaz-Arce, Pablo Di Salvatore, María F. Gowland-Sainz and Gustavo A. Lovrich - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(4): 327-336 Abstract PDF
Microplastics in wild mussels (Mytilus spp.) from the north coast of Spain
Pablo Reguera, Lucía Viñas and Jesús Gago - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(4): 337-347 Abstract PDF
Feeding preferences of amphipod crustaceans Ampithoe ramondi and Gammarella fucicola for Posidonia oceanica seeds and leaves
Inés Castejón-Silvo, Damià Jaume and Jorge Terrados - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(4): 349-356 Abstract PDF
Sexual reproduction vs. clonal propagation in the recovery of a seagrass meadow after an extreme weather event
Diogo Paulo, Onno Diekmann, Ana Alexandra Ramos, Filipe Alberto and Ester Alvares Serrão - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(4): 357-363 Abstract PDF

Effects of environmental variability on abundance of commercial marine species in the northern Gulf of California

T. Mónica Ruiz-Barreiro, Francisco Arreguín-Sánchez, Arturo González-Baheza and Juan C. Hernández-Padilla - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(3): 195-205 Abstract PDF
Sardine (Sardina pilchardus) spawning in the light of fat content analysis
Barbara Zorica, Ivana Anđelić and Vanja Čikeš Keč - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(3): 207-213 Abstract PDF
Comparing handline and trolling fishing methods in the recreational pelagic fishery in the Gulf of Oman
Morteza Eighani, Seyed Yousef Paighambari and Shannon M. Bayse - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(3): 215-222 Abstract PDF
To be or not to be? What molecules say about Runcina brenkoae Thompson, 1980 (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia: Runcinida)
Ana Karla Araujo, Marta Pola, Manuel Antonio E. Malaquias and Juan Lucas Cervera

Supplementary material

- 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(3): 223-235 Abstract PDF
Reproduction and nutritional values of the edible limpet Nacella magellanica (Gastropoda: Patellogastropoda)
Rocío A. Nieto Vilela, Mariano Cumplido, Yamila González Giorgis, Mónica N. Gil and Gregorio Bigatti - 2019
Sci. Mar. 83(3): 237-245 Abstract PDF

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