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Modelling the effects of more selective trawl nets on the productivity of European hake (Merluccius merluccius) and deep-water rose shrimp (Parapenaeus longirostris) stocks in the Strait of Sicily
Sergio Vitale, Marco Enea, Giacomo Milisenda, Vita Gancitano, Michele Luca Geraci, Fabio Falsone, Gioacchino Bono, Fabio Fiorentino and Francesco Colloca - 2018
Sci. Mar. 82S1: 199-208 Abstract PDF
Towards more selective Mediterranean trawl fisheries: are juveniles and trash excluder devices effective tools for reducing undersized catches?
Sergio Vitale, Giacomo Milisenda, Michele Gristina, Pasquale Baiata, Sara Bonanomi, Francesco Colloca, Vita Gancitano, Danilo Scannela, Fabio Fiorentino and Antonello Sala - 2018
Sci. Mar. 82S1: 215-223 Abstract PDF
Critical assessment of the current understanding/knowledge of the framework of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Seas
Paolo Sartor, Francesco Colloca, Christos Maravelias and Francesc Maynou - 2014
Sci. Mar. 78S1: 19-27 Abstract PDF
Feeding behaviour and daily ration of the spotted flounder Citharus linguatula (Osteichthyes: Pleuronectiformes) in the central Tyrrhenian Sea
Paolo Carpentieri, Tiziana Cantarelli, Francesco Colloca, Alessandro Criscoli and Giandomenico Ardizzone - 2010
Sci. Mar. 74(4): 659-667 Abstract PDF
Decapod crustacean assemblages off the West coast of central Italy (Western Mediterranean)
Emanuela Fanelli, Francesco Colloca and Giandomenico Ardizzone - 2007
Sci. Mar. 71(1): 19-28 Abstract PDF
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