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Reconnaissance and exploitation of the Chilean jack mackerel by the Polish fleet in 1978-1984
B. Draganik, R. Dlugosz, J. Milosz and W.L. Borowski

The milestone for beginning the exploitation of Chilean jack mackerel by the Polish fleet in the waters extending beyond the Chilean 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone was the trip of m/t PERSEUS under captain K. Kopañski on the voyage of 1978 and 1979. It was followed by the cruise of research vessel PROFESOR BUGUCKI from the Sea Fisheries Institute in Gdynia in 1980. During her trip the locality of the richest fishing grounds was determined, and the behaviour of the Chilean jack mackerel was studied in relation to fishing effort. In 1982-1984, the Polish fishery exploited the resources in the waters adjacent to the Chilean EEZ, taking in the last year 80 000 tons. The length range of the caught fish was 30-68 cm, and fish measuring 32-45 cm (assigned to age groups III-V), prevailed in the catches. The CPUE index showed two peaks within a 12 month period: firstly in January-February, and secondly in June-September. Fish concentration showed a considerable diurnal migration in the water column. During the daylight hours fish were scattered from 80 to 240 m depth from the surface, whereas at night, the jack mackerel shoals moved to the upper layers extending between the surface and 80 m depth. The values of the von Bertalanffy’s growth equation parameters-L, K, t0 were 72.08 cm, 0.223 and -0.038 respectively.

Keywords: History, description of fishery, growth parameters.
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