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Análisis cuantitativo en ovarios de peces teleósteos y su aplicación en Micropogonias furnieri (Desmarest, 1823) (Pisces: Sciaenidae)
Eduardo López de León, Diego Pagano, Walter Norbis

QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS IN OVARIES OF TELEOST FISHES AND ITS APPLICATION IN Micropogonias furnieri (PISCES: SCIAENIDAE). - The objective of the present work was to analyze the frequency and distribution of four cellular populations (three kinds of oocyte and melano-macrophage centres), in the ovaries of individuals collected at different seasons. The ovaries were divided to a four zones, and the accounts of the four cellular types were made in ten fields taken at random from five histological slides from each zone. The data were analysed through a nested factorial analysis of variance. Significant diferences (p < 0,05) were found in the cellular populations among individuals. The differences are probably related to seasonal changes. Significatives differences (p < 0,05) were found among ovaries for type II oocytes (reserve stock), with greater values in the right ovary (p < 0,05). No significantives differences (p < 0,05) were found for the oocytes among zones, except for melano-macrophage centres. Quantitative histological studies well be taking any zones but the same ovary. Future analyses should be developped with greater numbers of individuals collected in the same period, and considering the period as a cause of variations.

Keywords: Reproduction, fishes, ovaries, quantitative analysis, Micropogonias furnieri.
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