Mediterranean seabirds and their conservation
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2): 2003
Effect of refuge supplement on Audouin's gull chick survival
Jordi Prieto, Lluís Jover and Xavier Ruiz
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 103-108 Abstract PDF
Occupancy rates and nesting success of European storm-petrels breeding inside artificial nest-boxes
Ana de León and Eduardo Mínguez
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 109-112 Abstract PDF
Growth of Audouin's gull chicks: the role of prehatch and posthatch factors
Elena Villuendas and Blanca Sarzo
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 113-116 Abstract PDF
A comparison of two seabird communities on opposite coasts of the Alborán Sea (western Mediterranean)
Mariano Paracuellos and Diego Jerez
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 117-123 Abstract PDF
Nesting seabirds in SE Spain: distribution, numbers and trends in the province of Almería
Mariano Paracuellos and Juan Carlos Nevado
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 125-128 Abstract PDF
Preliminary results on the foraging ecology of Balearic shearwaters (Puffinus mauretanicus) from bird-borne data loggers
Juan Salvador Aguilar, Silvano Benvenuti, Luigi Dall'Antonia, Miguel McMinn-Grivé, and Joan Mayol-Serra
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 129-134 Abstract PDF
Managing seabird metapopulations in the Mediterranean: constraints and challenges
Daniel Oro
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 13-22 Abstract PDF
Status of the Balearic shearwater (Puffinus mauretanicus) on the Galician coast (NW Iberian Peninsula)
Jorge Mouriño, Francisco Arcos, Rafael Salvadores, Antonio Sandoval and César Vidal
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 135-142 Abstract PDF
Recent changes in the summer distribution of the Balearic shearwater Puffinus mauretanicus off western France
Pierre Yésou
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 143-148 Abstract PDF
Using stable isotopes of nitrogen and carbon to study seabird ecology: applications in the Mediterranean seabird community
Manuela G. Forero and Keith A. Hobson
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 23-32 Abstract PDF
Mediterranean seabird conservation: what can we do?
E. Mínguez, D. Oro, E. De Juana and A. Martínez-Abraín
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 3-6 Abstract PDF
Impacts of fisheries on seabird communities
Robert W. Furness
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 33-45 Abstract PDF
Species Action Plans for the conservation of seabirds in the Mediterranean Sea: Audouin's gull, Balearic shearwater and Mediterranean shag
Umberto Gallo-Orsi
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 47-55 Abstract PDF
Seabird mortality from longline fishing in the Mediterranean Sea and Macaronesian waters: a review and a way forward
John Cooper, Nicola Baccetti, Eduardo J. Belda, John J. Borg, Daniel Oro, Costas Papaconstantinou and Antonio Sánchez
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 57-64 Abstract PDF
The incidental capture of seabirds by Spanish drifting longline fisheries in the western Mediterranean Sea
Julio Valeiras and Juan Antonio Camiñas
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 65-68 Abstract PDF
Geographical patterns of seabird attendance to a research trawler along the Iberian Mediterranean coast
Pere Abelló, José Manuel Arcos and Luis Gil de Sola
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 69-75 Abstract PDF
Lifetime reproductive success in seabirds: interindividual differences and implications for conservation
Juan Moreno
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 7-12 Abstract PDF
Attendance of scavenging seabirds at trawler discards off Galicia, Spain
Julio Valeiras
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 77-82 Abstract PDF
Impact of fisheries on activity, diet and predatory interactions between yellow-legged and Audouin's gulls breeding at the Chafarinas Islands
Jacob González-Solís
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 83-88 Abstract PDF
Kleptoparasitism, disturbance and predation of yellow-legged gulls on Audouin's gulls in three colonies of the western Mediterranean
Alejandro Martínez-Abraín, Jacob González-Solis, Vittorio Pedrocchi, Meritxell Genovart, Joan Carles Abella, Xavier Ruiz, Juan Jiménez and Daniel Oro
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 89-94 Abstract PDF
Predation on common tern eggs by the yellow-legged gull at the Ebro Delta
Antonio Hernández-Matías and Xavier Ruiz
Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 95-101 Abstract PDF
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Sci. Mar. 67(Suppl.2) : 149-153 Abstract PDF
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