Trends in Hydrozoan biology-IV
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1): 2000
C.E. Mills, F. Boero, A. Migotto and J.M. Gili
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 3-4 Abstract PDF
Towards understanding the phylogenetic history of Hydrozoa: Hypothesis testing with 18S gene sequence data
A.G. Collins
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 5-22 Abstract PDF
Trends in hydroidomedusan research from 1911 to 1997
C. Gravili, R. Pagliara, W. Vervoort, J. Bouillon and F. Boero
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 23-29 Abstract PDF
A guideline to nematocyst nomenclature and classification, and some notes on the systematic value of nematocysts
Carina Östman
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 31-46 Abstract PDF
Kinematic comparison of bell contraction by four species of hydromedusae
M.D. Ford and J.H. Costello
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 47-53 Abstract PDF
Morphology and distribution of a deep-water Narcomedusa (Solmarisidae) from the northeast Pacific
Mary Needler Arai, Michael J. Cavey and Beverley A. Moore
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 55-62 Abstract PDF
Approaches to the ethology of hydroids and medusae (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa)
M.P. Miglietta, L. Della Tommasa, F. Denitto, C. Gravili, P. Pagliara, J. Bouillon and F. Boero
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 63-71 Abstract PDF
Non-indigenous hydromedusae in California's upper San Francisco Esturary: life cycles, distribution, and potential environmental impacts
John T. Rees and Lisa-Ann Gershwin
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 73-86 Abstract PDF
Deep-water Hydromedusae from the Lacaze-Duthiers submarine canyon (Banyuls, northwestern Mediterranean) and description of two new genera, Guillea and Parateclaia
J. Bouillon, F. Pagčs, J.M. Gili, A. Palanques, P. Puig and S. Heussner
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 87-95 Abstract PDF
The life cycle of Halimedusa typus, with discussion of other species closely related to the family Halimedusidae (Hydrozoa, Capitata, Anthomedusae)
Claudia E. Mills
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 97-106 Abstract PDF
Nerve net differentiation in medusa development of Podocoryne carnea
Hans Gröger and Volker Schmid
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 107-116 Abstract PDF
Sarsia marii n. sp. (Hydrozoa, Anthomedusae) and the use of 16S rDNA sequences for unpuzzling systematic relationships in Hydrozoa
Bernd Schierwater and Andrea Ender
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 117-122 Abstract PDF
Interannual variation in the composition of the assemblages of medusae and ctenophores in St. Helena Bay, Southern Benguela Ecosystem
Emmanuelle Buecher and Mark John Gibbons
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 123-134 Abstract PDF
The effects of exposure to wave action on the distribution and morphology of the epiphytic hydrozoans Clava multicornis and Dynamena pumila
Sergi Rossi, Josep Maria Gili and R.G. Hugues
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 135-140 Abstract PDF
Life history of Perarella schneideri (Hydrozoa, Cytaedidae) in the Ligurian Sea
Giorgio Bavestrello, Stefania Puce, Carlo Cerrano and Andrea Balduzzi
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 141-146 Abstract PDF
Strobilation in a species of Bougainvillioidea (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa)
Giorgio Bavestrello, Stefania Puce, Carlo Cerrano and Andrea Balduzzi
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 147-150 Abstract PDF
New observations and corrections concerning the trio of invasive hydromedusae Maeotias marginata (=M. inexpectata), Blackfordia virginica, and Moreisia sp. in the San Francisco Estuary
Claudia Mills and John T. Rees
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 151-155 Abstract PDF
Cnidarian "Parasites" on Solmissus incisa, a Narcomedusa
Dawn Alexandra Osborn
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 157-163 Abstract PDF
A pandeid hydrozoan, Amphinema sp., new and probably introduced to central California: life history, morphology, distribution and systematics
John T. Rees
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 165-172 Abstract PDF
Photosynthetic planulae and planktonic hydroids: contrasting strategies of propagule survival
Patrizia Pagliara, Jean Bouillon and Ferdinando Boero
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 173-178 Abstract PDF
Life in tidepools: distribution and abundance of two crawling hydromedusae, Staurocladia oahuensis and S. bilateralis, on a rocky intertidal shore in Kominato, central Japan
Yayoi M. Hirano, Yoshuiaki J. Hirano and Mayumi Yamada
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 179-187 Abstract PDF
The hydroid and medusa of Sarsia bella sp. nov. (Hydrozoa, Anthoathecatae, Corynidae), with a correction of the "life cycle" of Polyorchis penicillatus (Eschscholtz)
Anita Brinckmann-Voss
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 189-195 Abstract PDF
Ecological characteristics of the Mljet Islands seawater lakes (South Adriatic Sea) with special reference to their resident populations of medusae
A. Benovic, D. Lucic, V. Onofri, M. Peharda, M. Caric, N. Jasprica and S. Bobanovic-Colic
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 197-206 Abstract PDF
Gonangium development and medusoid of Nemalecium lighti (Hargitt, 1924) (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa, Haleciidae)
Nicole Gravier-Bonnet and Alvaro E. Migotto
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 207-213 Abstract PDF
Environmental patterns and biomass distribution of gelatinous macrozooplankton. Three study cases in the South-western Atlantic Ocean
H.W. Mianzan and R.A. Guerrero
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 215-224 Abstract PDF
A new species of Pachycordyle (Hydrozoa, Clavidae) from Lake Biwa (Japan), with remarks on this and related Clavid genera
Sofia D. Stepanjants, Oleg A. Timoshkin, Boris A. Anokhin and Tatiana O. Napara
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 225-236 Abstract PDF
Additional notes on Clathrozoella drygalskii (Vanhöffen, 1910) (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa)
W. Vervoort
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 237-240 Abstract PDF
Parallel, paedomorphic evolutionary processes of the bivalve-inhabiting hydrozoans (Leptomedusae, Eirenidae) deduced from the morphology, life cycle and biogeography, with special reference to taxonomic treatment of Eugymnanthea
Shin Kubota
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 241-247 Abstract PDF
Redescription of Tripoma arboreum Hirohito, 1995 (Hydrozoa: Campanulinidae) from the Tasman Sea with notes on quasi-parasitism of the species
Jeanette E. Watson and W. Vervoort
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 249-254 Abstract PDF
Structure of an epiphytic hydroid community on Cystoseira at two sites of different wave exposure
Anuschka Faucci and Ferdinando Boero
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 255-264 Abstract PDF
A "semi-closed" recirculating system for the in situ study of feeding and respiration of benthic suspension feeders
Marta Ribes, Rafel Coma, Josep-Maria Gili, Armin Svoboda, Agustí Juliŕ and Jordi Parera
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 265-275 Abstract PDF
Sci. Mar. 64(Suppl.1) : 277-284 Abstract PDF
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