Advances in hydrozoan biology
Sci. Mar. 60(1): 1996
Win Vervoort
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 1-3 Abstract PDF
Message from the president of the Hydrozoan Society
Josep-Maria Gili
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 4-5 Abstract PDF
The polyp and its medusa: a molecular approach
B. Aerne, H. Gröger, P. Schuchert, J. Spring and V. Schmid
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 7-16 Abstract PDF
Classification and phylogeny in the Hydroidomedusae (Hydrozoa, Cnidaria)
F. Boero, J. Bouillon and S. Piraino
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 17-33 Abstract PDF
Relationship between morphology and hydrodynamics during swimming by the hydromedusae Aequorea victoria and Aglantha digitale
Sean P. Colin and John H. Costello
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 35-42 Abstract PDF
A quantitative study of feeding by the hydroid Tubularia larynx Ellis and Solander, 1786
J.M. Gili, R.G. Hughes and V. Alvŕ
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 43-54 Abstract PDF
Fibrillin in the extracellular matrix of cnidarians: An Immunohistochemical approach
S. Reber-Müller, S.-I. Ono, P. Schuchert, J. Spring and V. Schm
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 55-68 Abstract PDF
Seasonal changes in the vertical distribution of five species of the family Bougainvilliidae (Cnidaria: Anthomedusae) at Lough Hyne, south-west Ireland
Lynn Ballard and Alan Myers
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 69-74 Abstract PDF
Distribution and biogeographic relationships of the Hydroid fauna of the Australian West coast: A preliminary account
Jeanette E. Watson
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 75-83 Abstract PDF
Timing of medusa release in a hydroid Eugymnanthea japonica (Cnidaria, Leptomedusae, Eirenidae) commensal with a mussel
Shin Kubota
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 85-88 Abstract PDF
Seasonality of hydroids (Hydrozoa, Cnidaria) from an intertidal pool and adjacent subtidal habitats at Race Rocks, off Vancouver Island, Canada
A. Brinckmann-Voss
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 89-97 Abstract PDF
Zanclea species (Hydroidomedusae, Anthomedusae) from the Mediterranean
C. Gravili, F. Boero and J. Bouillon
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 99-108 Abstract PDF
On a new hydropolyp without tentacles, Microhydrula limopsicola n. sp., epibiotic on bivalve shells from the Antarctic
Gerhard Jarms and Henry Tiemann
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 109-115 Abstract PDF
A rare hydroid, Clathrozoella drygalskii (Vanhöffen, 1910) in the waters of Australia and New Zealand
W. Vervoort and Jeannette E. Watson
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 117-120 Abstract PDF
Observations on the settling behaviour of planulae of Clava multicornis Forskål (Hydroidea, Athecata)
Dmitri Orlov
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 121-128 Abstract PDF
Comparison of hydromedusae findings in the northern and southern Adriatic Sea
Adam Benovic and Davor Lucic
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 129-135 Abstract PDF
Relations between Eudendrium glomeratum (Cnidaria, Hydromedusae) and its associated vagile fauna
G. Bavestrello, C. Cerrano, R. Cattaneo-Vietti and M. Sarŕ
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 137-143 Abstract PDF
Medusae, siphonophores and ctenophores of the Alborán Sea, south western Mediterranean
C.E. Mills, P.R. Pugh, G.R. Harbison and S.H.D. Haddock
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 145-163 Abstract PDF
Annual survey of hydroids (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) cohabiting in shrimp-crevices on a reef flat of La Réunion (Indian Ocean)
Nicole Gravier-Bonnet and Dominique Mioche
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 165-181 Abstract PDF
Updated catalogue of hydrozoans of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands, with remarks on zoogeography and affinities
MŞ Dolores Medel and Pablo J. López-González
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 183-209 Abstract PDF
Dialogue Computer System BIKEY as applied to diagnostics of Cnidaria (illustrated by an example of hydroids of the genus Symplectoscyphus)
A.L. Lobanov, S.D. Stepanjants and M.B. Dianov
Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 211-220 Abstract PDF
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Sci. Mar. 60(1) : 221-243 Abstract PDF
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