Sexual reproduction of Nausithoe aurea (Scyphozoa, Coronatae). Gametogenesis, egg release, embryonic development, and gastrulation
André C. Morandini, Fábio L. da Silveira

The structure of the ovaries and testes of Nausithoe aurea, reared in the laboratory, is described to update the knowledge of coronate scyphomedusae gametogenesis and early development. The testis is similar to those of other scyphozoans. The organization of the ovary agrees with the description for other coronates, with free oocytes in the mesoglea. The oocytes develop in a limited region of the gastrodermis, and a maturation gradient is observed from this point on. Egg release, embryonic development, and gastrulation mode of Nausithoe aurea are also described. Egg production was continuous for 55 days, and the output of released eggs oscillated without observed cue. Cleavage was holoblastic and adequal, but after the 8-cell stage, the cleavage became pseudospiral. Gastrulation occurred through multipolar ingression and began 24 hours after fertilization.

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