A new species of Lepidotrigla (Scorpaeniformes, Triglidae) from the waters off Queensland (Australia)
Ll. del Cerro and D. Lloris

A new species of the family Triglidae, Lepidotrigla larsoni sp. n., from the waters off Queensland (Australia) is presented. The new taxon is compared with its similar morphological relatives and also with those which, moreover, are found in the australian area belonging to the genus Lepidotrigla Günther, 1860. Those are: L. alata (Houttuyn, 1782), L. argus Ogilby, 1910, L. bentuviai Richards and Saksena, 1977, L. bispinosa Steindachner, 1898, L. deasoni Herre and Kauffman, 1952, L. oglina Fowler, 1938, L. omanensis Regan, 1905, L. punctipectoralis Fowler, 1938, L. riggsi Richards and Saksena, 1977, L. russelli del Cerro and Lloris, 1995, L. sayademalha Richards, 1992 and L. umbrosa Ogilby, 1910. Brief comments on the genus Lepidotrigla Günther, 1860 are included.

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