Some Fishery and Biological Aspects of Jack Mackerels, Genus Trachurus (Carangidae)
Y. Suda, T. Machii and H. Orrego

Some biological and fishery aspects of jack mackerel (genus Trachurus) are overviewed as follows: 1) present status of systematics; 2) general view of world fishery; 3) systematic confusion of Japanese jack mackerel; 4) intraspecific variations of Japanese jack mackerel; and, 5) spawning season of Chilean jack mackerel (T. murphyi). It is reported that of the species considered, only T. japonicus is actually distributed throughout Japanese waters, and that the spawing of the Chilean jack mackerel occurs mainly from October to March (spring to summer) in Peruvian waters.

Keywords: Systematics, fisheries, intraspecific variation, spawning of Chilean jack mackerel.
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