The flatfishes of the Ria Formosa, southern Portugal: Results of a three-year survey
J.P. Andrade

This paper is based on a study of 4357 flatfishes caught at monthly intervals during the period of May 1984-February 1987 in the Ria Formosa lagoon, on the south coast of Portugal. The results obtained show that, of the sixteen species of Pleuronectiformes occurring in the coastal waters outside the Ria, only two (Solea senegalensis Kaup and S. vulgaris Quensel) enter the lagoon for a significant time. A further six species occur occasionally as juveniles in the areas that are in direct contact with the open sea. The numbers and biomass of S. senegalensis in the Ria vary throughout the year, with a maximum during the post-spawning period. This suggests that the lagoon functions as an important nursery for this species. Most of the S. senegalensis leave the lagoon before they are one year old. Those that remain are found in the deeper parts of the main channels.

Keywords: coastal lagoons, flatfishes, migrations, growth rates.
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