Respiration rates in the Changjiang River mouth and the adjacent East China Sea: Relations with bacteria and phytoplankton
C. Courties, J. Shi, X. Ning, Z. Chen and P. Lasserre

Two cruises were made in January and July 1986 in the mouth of the Changjiang (Yang Tse) River and the East China Sea (30º45'-32º00’N, 121º00'-124º00'E). The sea water oxygen uptake was measured for the first time using polarographic oxygen sensors in closed chambers which allowed continuous monitoring of oxygen concentration. Subsamples were taken for determination of suspended matter, bacterial numbers, and chlorophyll a. Respiration rates were lower in winter (3.5 to 0.5 m1 O2l-1h-1) than in sumer (4 to 12 m1 O2l-1h-1). In winter, the oxygen uptake seemed to be related to bacterial numbers in the whole studied area. In summer, the relationship between oxygen uptake and bacteria holds only in the estuary. Off-shore in summer, oxygen consumption was directly related to chlorophyll a and therefore to phytoplankton populations.

Keywords: China Sea, Changjiang River, hydrography, respiration rates, phytoplankton, bacteria.
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