"Theories" and techniques for observing turbulence in the ocean euphotic zone
Ann E. Gargett

With growing recognition of the important roles which turbulence plays in the functioning of marine food webs, interest in the tools and techniques of measuring turbulence in the ocean has spread from the physical to the biological oceanographic community, for which this paper is intended. The subject of ocean turbulence and its measurement is introduced, with emphasis on the euphotic zone of both deep ocean and coastal environments. A discussion of important characteristics of turbulence and the various means by which turbulence may affect components of the biological system is followed by a simplified outline of the mathematical means used to describe scales of variability produced by turbulent fields. Existing and developing techniques for field measurements of turbulence variables are described, with discussion of the "theories" which are often necessary to transform those variables which we can measure into those we actually wish to know.

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